We secure your inline assets

External attack surface management SaaS platform.

How does it work?

Perimetre helps company securing their online assets. It focus on external assets which are visible to everyone, including potential threat actors.

1. Discover

Perimetre uses various OSINT techniques to discover your exposed assets on the internet, from hostnames to servers, services, etc…
Some of the assets Perimetre find may be already known to you, but some may be totally unknown (because of misconfigured server, infrastructure outsourcing, etc.).

2. Assess

Once your assets are discovered, Perimetre will assess risks such as misconfiguration, data exposures, encryption weaknesses, CVEs, …
This step is essential in order to identify existing attack vectors and prioritise the remediation.

3. Prioritise

Prioritising the threats in the external attack surface management helps you know where to focus first. Without prioritisation, it is nearly impossible to manage the volume of securityissues organisations face.

4. Remediate

Remediation is critical to protect your attack surface, that’s why Perimetre helps you secure your asset by providing detailed remediation guidance.
If you don’t have an IT team or if the remediation looks complicated to you, we can also allocate a cyber security expert to help you getting your asset secured.

5. Repeat

Once you’ve got your infrastructure secured the work is not finished because of the ever-changing aspect of your infrastructure and the threat environment.
This is why Perimetre will continuously monitor your infrastructure to discover and secure new assets and keep you safe.